Buy Side M&A

Acquisitions can provide a powerful new path for growth. Key reasons to pursue buy side M&A include: to provide expansion into a new market, to add new service capabilities, or to defend your current market from competitors. Critical success factors for a successful acquisition include having a clear strategy and objective for the combination, ensuring cultural fit and an effective integration process.


Process used to identify a Target Company

  • The objective is to develop a list of companies to form your potential “prospect universe”
  • We can lead the Initial contact with prospects to determine interest

Initial Due Diligence Support

Once a Target Company has been identified

  • Develop list of initial information required to support making an offer
  • Review and assess information to form an opinion on value and company fit

Valuation & Financial Analysis

  • Confirm range of value for Target Company
  • Provide financial analysis and cash flow planning to ensure company has funds to support acquisition

Offer Development and Execution

  • Develop letter of intent (LOI) to include a range of value and key terms
  • Negotiate and execute LOI

Final Diligence Support

  • Once LOI is executed, perform more detailed diligence including on-site visits and meetings with seller’s management team

Purchase agreement / legal documents

  • Support buyer and legal team with negotiation and execution of asset purchase agreement (APA)

Closing preparations

  • Assist with communication plan (internally and with target company)
  • Provide input on other integration considerations as required

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