Sell Side M&A

As an owner of a business which has been in your family for decades, we understand how difficult the decision to sell can be. We will work with you to assess your options. If a sale is determined to be the best next step, our proven process and knowledge of the buyer community will help you maximize business value.

We typically begin this process with a valuation to confirm the company’s value, clarify market position and determine the best fit buyers.


  • Clarify your financial and personal goals, develop a deeper understanding of your company and assess a potential range of business value.


  • Identify and highlight business strengths
  • Identify best fit buyers
  • Prepare professional quality offering materials and financial data set

Marketing & Initial Offer

  • Initiate confidential review and discussion with buyers
  • Receive initial offers and key terms
  • Select specific buyers to continue into diligence process

Due Diligence Process

  • Provide deeper financial and business information set to buyers
  • Respond to ongoing information requests
  • Conduct on-site visits

Final Offer

  • Create competition during negotiations to enhance value
  • Provide you with multiple offers to choose from
  • Assist in the selection of the single best offer that meets your objectives


  • Execute final purchase agreement
  • Close transaction
  • Post-close measurement to finalize value (as required)

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