A valuation is more than just a number. It can help you plan for the long-term to ensure the company provides the value you need when the time comes to exit the business. An effective assessment should include a range of value, a status review on key factors which can enhance or mitigate your value, an assessment of your current market position & strategic value and an understanding of the best fit buyers. We are uniquely qualified to provide you a clear perspective on these factors to help you hone in on the true value of your business. We can also help you develop a plan to improve key value factors to continue to increase value moving forward.

When is a valuation required?

  • Transfers (or gifts) of stock to existing or new shareholders
  • Forming an ESOP
  • Charitable contributions
  • Death (or exit) of a shareholder
  • Equity compensation valuations

When is a valuation a really good idea?

  • When you are retirement planning (this should be done years in advance of the exit date to help you prepare)
  • If you are currently considering the sale of your business
  • To assess the effectiveness of your actions in creating value over time

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